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Trying lawsuits is not for everyone...


it is about actually going to trial and resting your fate in a jury or judge.  Our clients like the odds, and know that there are many disputes upon which you simply need to stand up and be counted.  When that time comes, they prefer to place their trust in a lawyer seasoned at the courthouse, not by stacks of paper in a high rise office.

When you have a case that can't or shouldn't be settled for whatever reason, it must be tried.  That is what we do--we try lawsuits. Our clients know that with our name on the pleadings, there is an automatic and credible threat that a trial is possible, and often probable.  The threat alone is a valuable asset.  It means more favorable settlements and fewer lawsuits filed against them.  And when it is time to tee it up, they know they have an advocate in their corner giving 110% in an effort to acquire justice.

What You can Expect

  • Respected Spokesman for Your Company
  • Understands Problems Unique to Your Litigation Needs
  • Ability to Candidly Evaluate Your Litigation Needs
  • Proven Courtroom Skills